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We offer a range of etched frets to improve the appearance of or strengthen white metal loco bodies

Have you ever noticed how easily damaged the footsteps are on white metal bodied loco's and tenders?  To that end we've produced a fret with etched nickel silver loco and tender steps for BR classes G5 Tank engine, J25 J26, J27 and Q6 Tender engines.

These steps are much stronger than the original white metal items while they improve the look of the model by being thinner in appearance.

They are priced at £4.95 plus £1.30 P&P

NER Footsteps.JPG

We offer a fret of realistic lamp irons for all NER Locos.  These are etched in 0.25 mm Nickel Silver for added realism.  All the lamp irons you need to customise an NER loco and tender or tank engine. Price £2.95 plus £1.30 P&P.

DER Lamp Irons.JPG

8'x 8'-6" coupling rods, double thickness, pivoted on the centre crankpin. These rods allow older models to negotiate curves using flanged centre driving wheels.

Price £3.00 plus £1.30 P&P.

NER Coupling Rods.JPG

We offer a fret of NER Screw-link Couplings.  Correctly assembled, they are strong enough to haul a train. The eagle eyed among you will notice that there are 2-NER coupling hooks as well as 2-LNER coupling hooks. We supply them as a fret only, with assembly instructions priced at £1.25 per fret. plus £1.30 P&P

NER Screw link coupling.JPG
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