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                     NER class O, LNER/BR class G5 chassis.


Newsflash!  We are now producing a Mk3 version of our OO chassis to complement the Mk3 EM/P4 chassis.


New Mk3 chassis features revised main frame profile to allow the cab floor on the Alexander Models kit to be retained.

Load bearing and compensation on all eight wheels.

New bogie pivot.

Revised bogie fixing arrangement.

Revised bogie compensation beam profile.

New frame stretcher/ brake hanger pivots.

Revised brake hangers.

No increase in price.

DCC chip information.  One of our customers has very kindly provided the following information after fitting a DCC chip to his NU-Cast G5 using one of our chassis.


Your chassis kit, works perfectly, superb slow running and a joy to build.  The body is Nu Cast with many mods.  Loco is DCC running on a TCS M1 decoder with a long delay " stay alive" system which overcomes any pickup problems from the 4 pickup wheels by storing and feeding back power. In fact the loco will run for  15 seconds with no power being fed in at all.  Also powers the flickering firebox.

Photo © Peter Stanger 2010 all rights reserved. This is  a photo of the finished body on our G5 EM gauge chassis.  If you look at the rails you'll see that the rail has been set up to represent a badly laid piece of track and shows that all 8 wheels are in contact with the rails.


This chassis kit comes complete with a bespoke drive mechanism that's part of the compensation unit. This ensures smooth trouble free running at both high and low speeds at all times. 


The chassis was designed to be a direct replacement for the Alexander Models and Nu-Cast rigid chassis and has addressed the problem that all 0-4-4T wheel arrangement models have, being bunker heavy.  By studying the actual bogie at Locomotion, Shildon we have produced a new bogie and we feel that we've made a good chassis even better at no extra cost to the customer. 


The EM gauge version fits under the Alexander body with only one modification to the footplate in the bunker area to accomodate the extra width of the EM frames.  The OO version doesn't need this modification. The Nu-Cast body is slightly narrower across the front splashers and we have included a pair of front splasher overlays for EM modellers as it's almost a certainty that you'll break through the splashers when opening them out to accept EM wheels and axles.


Prototypical brakes, rigging are removable to assist in wheel fitting and removal. The lower firebox and ashpan detail significantly enhance the appearance below the footplate.


The kit comes with 8 pages of comprehensive assembly instructions, a parts list and a 3D assembly diagram. All you need to finish the chassis is the appropriate Mashima motor.


Available Now in EM/P4 gauge and OO gauge, price £50.75 plus £4.45 P&P.  This applies to UK Mainland only. Or we can supply a chassis kit and Gibson wheel and crank pins for £72.50 Plus £4.45 P&P

We can supply Coreless 1219 motors with the kit. The cost is £27.50 (sold separately)


How to order.  You can order by email using the email address on the Home Page You can order by mail or by telephone on 01670 362451. If you're ordering by mail, including a contact number or email address would be beneficial in the event of a query about your order.

Payment by BACS Transfer or by cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".


We now stock Gibson loco wheel sets and crank pins for all our chassis'.  Gibson wheels and crank pins for a G5 cost £20.68, Post free if ordered with the chassis. If ordered separately please add £4.45 to cover P&P.

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.

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