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NBR class L, LNER/BR Class C16 4mm scale loco kit. 

This photo is of No. 67489 and was built by Mr. Graham Dixon, one of our customers.  We are grateful to Graham for permission to use this photograph. ©G.M. Dixon 2014 all rights reserved.

This kit is now available, initially the kit will be in EM/P4 gauge but due to sufficient interest being registered a OO version of this kit is now being worked on.


The price for this kit is £113.95.  We can supply a modified Gibson wheel set giving the correct crankpin throw for an additional £45.61, post free if ordered with the kit.  Coreless 1219 motors cost £27.50 . P & P costs POA  Insured post is available at extra cost.


If you're modelling in the BR era then we have every smoke box number plate etched in 0.25mm nickel silver.  Each fret contains five numbers and costs £2.50 per fret.  Post free if ordered with the kit.  

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.


Please state the era you're modelling and we will produce the rivet detail on the smokebox wrapper if necessary for you at no additional cost.  Some engines had smokeboxes replaced at Cowlairs works. Cowlairs practise was to use "snap head" rivets and this is quite a significant detail on the later engines.  The "as built" NBR engines had countersunk rivets and these smoke boxes were plain in appearance. 


When ordering it is most useful to us for the customer to include an email address and or a telephone number.  In the event of a query about your order this can save a lot of time.

                                         Kit Specification.


Comprehensive assembly instructions and CAD 3D assembly diagrams showing every stage of how we built this model before offering it for sale to the modeling public.

Loco chassis is etched from 0.38mm thick nickel silver.

The chassis is compensated and load bearing on all ten wheels.

Fold up construction, no expensive frame assembly jigs required.

The load bearing bogie has prototypical compensation beams that pivot around the compensation beam leaf springs. 

The rear section of the frames are prototypically waisted to allow the radial axle to move 1.25mm either side of the chassis centreline.

Brake hangers and rigging are prototypical in appearance.

Provision has been made for Gibson plunger pickups to be used.

40:1, 2-stage reduction gearbox incorporated in the driving wheel compensation unit. 

Loco superstructure is mostly 0.38mm nickel silver. The pre rolled brass boiler has a lap joint along the bottom and the positions for the nickel silver boiler bands are half etched in the correct position.

The boiler bands are etched from 0.25mm nickel silver.

The tank sides are pre formed along with the smokebox inner, smokebox outer, the cab roof and the cab rear bulkhead.

A  spare bunker back is supplied to allow the use of the Endinburgh Lamp code to be used.

Both NBR open and LNER/BR plated coal rails are supplied.

A fully detailed cab can be modelled and operating cab folding doors are supplied.

NBR screw link coupling fret is supplied with the kit.

Chimney, dome and safety valve casing and boiler backhead will be white metal castings. 

Vacuun pipes, steam heating pipes, Westinghouse brake pipes, hand brake, lever reverser pepper pot anti-vacuum valves, Ross Pop and Ramsbottom lock up safety valves and valve chest covers will be lost wax brass castings.

Needs suitable wheels, Coreless 1219 motor, paint and transfers to complete.

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