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W.P. Reid designed NBR class M, LNER class G9 0-4-4T
tank locomotive.
Price £103.95 plus £8.95 Carriage by Insured Post Delivery. 
Modified Gibson wheel set with crank-pins £42.00
Coreless 1219 motor £27.50
Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.

The NBR class M 0-4-4T tank engines were the most modern engines with that wheel arrangement. They were built by the North British Locomotive Co. in 1909 and numbered 12 in total. They carried the numbers 239, 334, 349 to 356, 474 and 475. They were the last 0-4-4T tank engines built as the NBR adopted the 4-4-2T wheel arrangement for all further passenger tanks.

They had a short working life and many did not give the 30 years revenue earning service expected from a locomotive. Most were gone by the start of WWII.  The few that lasted until 1939 were gone by 1940.

They were not involved in any rebuilding and carried the diagram 81 boiler.  This design of boiler became an NBR standard and was built in large numbers.  It was used on four other classes of NBR locomotive.

They were the class C15, J36, N14 and N15.

Built from new, the class was fitted with Westinghouse brakes. Five of the engines were fitted with vacuum ejectors by the NBR before WWI and the other seven got vacuum ejectors after grouping fitted by the LNER.

Renumbering started by the LNER with the addition of 9,000 added to the NBR number.  All the class had been renumbered by 1926.

Withdrawals started in 1936 with two engines that had never carried a modern boiler.  They were numbers 9239 and 9349.  The probable reason for the early withdrawals is that the boilers were life expired. One engine carrying a modern boiler No. 9354 was also withdrawn in 1936. A further two went in 1937, none in 1938 but six were withdrawn in 1939 leaving only one to soldier on at Dunfermline shed until November 1940.  The class became extinct and none survive in preservation,

Image ©52F Models 2018, all rights reserved.

This is the first published image of new NBR class M 0-4-4T tank engine kit. The engine uses many parts from our very successful NBR class C15.

Kit Specification.

Chassis and body are made from 0.38mm Nickel silver.

Several parts that can make or break a kit are preformed by us. They are the boiler, the side tanks, the cab rear bulkhead, the boiler soldering clamp, the smoke box wrapper and the cab opening surrounds.

The chassis is in two parts, the main chassis and the bogie. Both units are compensated and load bearing which means that all eight wheels do the job they were originally designed for.

Fold in horn cheeks,custom made horn blocks and compensation beams riding on the top of the horn block control the ride height and load bearing.  The bogie has custom made horn blocks and the ride height and load bearing are controlled by the bogie compensation beams.

There are two sprues of Lost wax Brass castings and the white metal castings are packed individually.

For extra detail some of the parts are etched in 0.25mm nickel silver


If there's enough interest in the G9,  a G7 might follow

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