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NER Class B, B1, LNER/BR Class N8 0-6-2T Loco chassis.


This chassis for the new Alexander Models kit is now available in EM/P4 gauge only and costs £50.00 plus £4.50 P&P. This applies to UK Mainland only.  


We would be interested in producing a OO version if enough interest is registered to justify the set up and production costs.


Gibson wheel set £27.50 post free if ordered with the chassis kit.  Please add £4.50 Postage and Packing if ordered separately.


Coreless 1219 motor £27.50 post free if ordered with one of our chassis.   Available separately

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.


©Peter Stanger 2010 All rights reserved.  This is a photo of the prototype chassis for the NER Class B, B1 0-6-2T tank loco as built. All our prototype chassis are etched in brass.  The production version is etched in 0.38mm Nickel silver.

This chassis can be built in the as built NER condition or as running in LNER and BR days.  Both types of brake arrangement are included on the fret.  The type shown is the same as was fitted to NER Class C, LNER/BR Class J21.   Most of the class J21 retained this brake arrangement throughout their lives while the class N8 seems to have been brought into line with the class N10 when the compound expansion engines were rebuilt as simple expansion engines. 

©Peter Stanger 2010 All rights reserved.   Alexander Models partially built body fitted to the chassis to check the clearances between the footplate and chassis parts. 


Chassis specification.

1.   Suppled with comprehensive assembly instructions and computer drawn diagrams.

2.   Etched in 0.38mm nickel silver for superior strength.  No need to buy an expensive                  chassis assembly jig, this chassis can be folded up around a 12" steel rule.

3.   All parts are clearly numbered on the etched fret.

4.   All chassis' have been built and proven by us before being offered for sale to the public.

5.   Features full profile frames where practical. Frames and are prototypically waisted at the          rear.

6.   All 8-wheels are compensated and load bearing to optimise load hauling qualities.

7.   Leading coupled axle runs in horn blocks.

8.   Horn blocks are pre assembled and ready for use.

9.   Leading coupled axle and radial truck ride heights are adjustable to optimise the chassis          riding qualities.

10.  Prototypical load bearing radial truck with 1.25mm per side movement.

11.  Gearbox incorporated into the rear compensation unit ensuring constant mesh and                   smooth running at all times.

12.  Motor can be removed without removing the gearbox.

13.  Supplied with 54:1 double reduction gears for good slow running and a fair turn of speed.

14.  Supplied with both as built and LNER/BR brake gear.

15.  Brake gear is removable to assist with wheel fitting.

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