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LNER/BR Class A8, Diag 63/63A Boiler. Now available (updated 30/11/2022)

There were two quite distinct versions of the H1 rebuild, those with the original diag. 63 and 63A boiler and those that ran with a replacement diag. 63A, 63B or 63C boiler.  All these boilers had a maximum outside diameter of 4'-9".  The difference being that on the diag. 63/63A boiler the lagging was applied and then a 4" wooden crinoline was added to the lagging and the clothing sheets added to this. These looked like much bigger boilers measuring 5'-8 1/4" in diameter.  The diag 63/63A engines had a tank strap fitted between the tanks but only the ends were visible on the top of the tanks as the boiler clothing hid the rest of the tank strap.


It is possible but not practical or economical to produce a kit that will accomodate all these variants in one kit so we've decided to produce two quite different kits in order to cover all 45 members of the Class A8.


There's no problem with a OO version because both kits will use a common to both kits chassis We already use this chassis for the (Small boiler) kit.


By producing two distinctly different kits, it will be possible to build any A8 at any stage in it's life.

The cost of either kit will be £159.50 plus £8.95 Insured P&P.

A8 Diag 63 website drg 001_edited.jpg

©52F Models 2019 All rights reserved.  3D CAD drawing of the proposed Diag 63/63A boilered kit.

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For a full description of the specification see the other A8 tab

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