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Reid 4,235g "Scott" tender

The Tender will be the Reid 4,235g tender produced in 1909.  Supplying the tender flared coping as a series of lost wax castings looks to be successful. This is a huge improvement over various methods tried to produce this feature, resulting in the correct profile, correct radius for the corners and the correct scooped out shape to clear the handbrake.   We have plans to produce other NBR tenders that had the same tender tank length and width.  These include the Holmes 3,500g tender and the Reid 4,000g tender.  Each of these tenders could be supplied with a choice of NBR springs and axle boxes or the later LNER springs and axle boxes.

We may consider selling the tender as an individual item if there is sufficient demand.

©Peter Stanger 2018, all rights reserved.

This image shoes to good effect the lost wax castings for the tender coping and the lost wax  NBR springs and axle boxes.

©Peter Stanger 2018, all rights reserved.

This image shows the model fitted with the LNER springs and axle boxes. You'll be able to specify either NBR or LNER castings when you place your order.

©Ken Hood 2018, all rights reserved.

The almost finished complete Reid 4,235g tender for the D30 Scott and D34 Glen. This shot shows the LNER springs and axle boxes off to good effect.

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