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NER class O, LNER/BR class G5 Loco Kit EM/P4 gauge.

                    Price £102.95 plus £8.950 Insured postage.  Gibson wheel sets and Coreless 1219 motors are available from us at extra cost


Newsflash!  As a Tribute to our friend and colleague the Dave Alexander, we have decided to produce an etched version of his excellent NER class O kit.  Initially, the kit will only be available in EM/P4 but if there's enough interest, a OO version will follow.


Click on these links to see our new G5 loco in action.


The new kit is Now Available and was designed with modellers' in mind.  It addresses the many problems associated with the 0-4-4T wheel arrangement in model form.  The 0-4-4T class models tended to be bunker heavy and we have addressed this problem by making the bogie work as it would have done on a real life G5 with the bogie compensation beams doing the work.  The chassis now sports fold in horn cheeks and custom made horn blocks.  The compensation beams are individual and rest on the top surface of each horn block. The chassis is now articulated which helps the loco negotiate curves that wouldn't have been dreamed of in the past.  Looking at the chassis from the side it looks just like a normal chassis.

The loco body has had a lot of thought go into its design and manufacture.  We have used Modular Construction principles for the design, making it not only easier to build but paint and apply such things as boiler bands.  The innovations are too many to recount on this page, suffice to say that everyone who's seen the test build was impressed by the design and ease of building.

If you're using DCC on your model railway, the following information from one of our chassis customers may prove useful.

DCC chip information.  One of our customers has very kindly provided the following information after fitting a DCC chip to his NU-Cast G5 using one of our chassis.


Your chassis kit, works perfectly, superb slow running and a joy to build.  The body is Nu Cast with many mods.  Loco is DCC running on a TCS M1 decoder with a long delay " stay alive" system which overcomes any pickup problems from the 4 pickup wheels by storing and feeding back power. In fact the loco will run for 15 seconds with no power being fed in at all.  Also powers the flickering firebox.

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