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NER Class 290, LNER/BR Class J77 0-6-0T Loco chassis.

Completely new chassis available as a OO gauge chassis.  This chassis fits both the Wordsell and Fletcher cab models from Alexander Models as well as the now defunct Lancaster Model Engineering kit.

© Peter Stanger 2009. All rights reserved. This is the finished and painted body on an unpainted chassis.  The track is deliberately bowed and twisted to show how all six wheels are in contact with the track.  We at 52F Models feel that the new chassis really improves what was always a nice model.  It's a great shame that it's been out of production for so long and there are no plans to re introduce the Lancaster body kit.  For all you EM modellers who have this model and would like to bring it into the 21st century, now's your chance.  This chassis will fit both versions of the Alexander Models NER class 290 LNER/BR class J77 kit. Alexander Models have available both the Fletcher cab and Wordsell cab versions of the class 290.

 © Peter Stanger 2011. All rights reserved.  This shot shows our EM/P4 chassis suitable for the Alexander Models and the Lancaster Model Engineering kits.


This chassis is available in EM/P4 gauge direct from us costing £42.00 plus £4.50 P&P This applies to UK Mainland only.  

                                                                            Chassis specification.

  1. The chassis is etched in 0.38mm thick nickel silver. No need to buy an expensive chassis assembly jig, this chassis can be folded up around a 12" steel rule.

  2. All 6 wheels are self levelling.

  3. Leading driving wheels run in horn blocks that are ride height adjustable.

  4. Middle and trailing driving wheels are compensated as two pairs

  5. Rear compensation unit incorporates a custom 40:1, 2-stage reduction gearbox and a motor mount for a Coreless 1219 motor. (Motor available at extra cost)

  6. Features prototypical brakes and brake rigging.

  7. Coupling rods are made up from 12-pieces and have a protoypical joint to allow tight curves to be negotiated.

  8. Detailed firebox lower section and ashpan.

  9. Separately applied front and rear guard irons and brake anchor pivot points.

  10.  Buffer beam supports allow the use of sprung buffers.

  11.  Removable brake gear to facilitate driving wheel fitting.

  12.  Enhanced appearance below the footplate.

  13.  Cost is £44.00 inc P&P

  14.  Gibson wheel set £24.40 post free if ordered with the chassis kit.  If ordered separately please add £4.00 P&P

  15.  Mashima 1420 motor £27.50 post free if ordered with a chassis kit.  

  16.  Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".


The chassis fits both the Wordsell and Fletcher cab versions of Dave Alexander's J77 kit. The chassis is fully compensated with the leading driving wheels mounted in horn blocks and the second and third axles being part of the bespoke drive train and work as two pairs, pivoted around the centre point. 


The chassis is really easy to build due to the fold up construction.  This one took me 8 hours to build including making notes and taking dozens of photographs.  The level of detail well exceeds the rigid chassis supplied with the kit from both manufacturers with prototypical brakes and rigging, separately applied guard irons and brake anchor brackets, detailed ash pan and firebox lower section. 


The coupling rods are produced from 12 individual etched parts.  Each rod has a solid centre section and front and rear overlays to produce the prototypical forked joint. 


On the trial model, the rods fitted perfectly over standard Ø1.0mm Romford crankpins with Ø1.0mm drilled holes in the coupling rods and had only the slightest hint of being a little tight.  Fitting the rods in this configuration helps position the horn blocks  before they are finally soldered into place.  The cutaways in the frame are only 0.1mm wider than the horn block bearing so the worst that can happen is that they are trail fitted 0.05mm from where they should be.


The wheels are old coarse scale Romford Ø16.00mm x 12spk and would not fit inside the splashers on the Lancaster kit in EM gauge.  A set of Gibson wheels has solved this problem as they are a lot nearer scale width.


The brake gear follows the usual Easi-Rider practice of being removable to allow Gibson wheels to be fitted while retaining minimal clearance  between the shoe and the wheel rim.   The chassis can be assembled as seen and test run before being completely stripped down for painting.


 Now available in OO. This chassis is now on sale at £42.00 plus £4.50 P&P.

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.

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