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NBR class "A", LNER/BR Class N15 loco kit in EM/P4 & OO gauges. Price £108.95 for either version

If you'd like a modified Gibson wheel set with your kit, please add an additional £36.50.

If you'd like a Coreless 1219 motor with your kit, please add an additional £27.50.  Both items are carriage free if ordered with a loco kit. Postage and Packing £8.00 sent by Insured post.

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.

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This is the first photograph of our class N15/1 built from pre-production etches.  The cab sports a roof ventilator indicating that it was one of the 1923 order built at Cowlairs works.  We only found three items that needed to be changed and these have been ammended on the production etch. The chassis has the brakes and rigging fitted and the old Romford wheels are a set that I use for setting up chassis.  The demonstration version will have Gibson wheels fitted . Because we use a custom drive train individually tailored to each kit we produce we have managed to mount a Mashima 1420D motor vertically inside the firebox.  This shot shows the folding cab doors in the open position.

If you're modelling BR we have some smokebox numberplate etches available.  These are in etches containing 5 numbers and if it was photographed and appears in Yeadon's Register volume 49 part B then we have that smokebox number.  The down side is that we only have one set of these numbers so it's first come first served.  These numberplates are etched in 0.25mm nickel silver and cost £2.50 for an etched fret with 5 smokebox numbers.  These are post free if ordered with a kit.  If you know the number that you want, we may be able to accomodate you.  Individual un-painted smokebox numbers cost 50p 


Cheques should be made payable to "52F Models".


                                            Kit specification.


Both parts 1 and 2 of the class can be built from this kit.  We feel sure that there are enough parts included to build any member of this 99 strong class.

Comprehensive assembly instructions and 3D diagrams showing how we built this model before offering it for sale to the modelling public.

Designed with ease of assembly in mind.  Predominently made from more expensive Nickel silver for ease of soldering.

Fully compensated and load bearing chassis etched in 0.38mm nickel silver with prototypical waisted frames at the rear.

No expensive frame assembly jigs are required, we have engineered this out of the assembly process.  If you have a 12" steel rule or a straight edge then you can build this chassis.

Prototypical appearance below the footplate with "no daylight" around the radial axle.  The trailing radial axle has 1.25mm sideways movement. 

Custom gearbox / compensation unit, 54:1 ratio, 2-stage reduction.

The superstructure is etched in 0.38mm nickel silver for ease of soldering.

We have included 2, boilers etched in 0.38mm brass to cover the 6-variations of the diagram 81 boiler that appeared on this class.  They have a lap joint along the bottom for ease of assembly and maximum strength.  These boilers are pre-rolled by us.

Fully detailed cab can be built with operating folding cab doors.

The cab rear bulkhead, both cab roofs, the smoke box inner and the smokebox wrapper are all pre-formed parts.  The smokebox outer wrapper can have the rivet detail produced by us before pre-forming at no extra cost.  The customer must specify this with their order or this part will be left plain. 

Vacuum pipes, Westinghouse pipes, Westinghouse pump, steam heating pipes, engine handbrake, Ramsbottom safety valve housing and Ross Pop safety valve housing are all lost wax castings.

The smokebox door, chimney, dome, boiler backhead tank fillers and air reservoir are all white metal castings.

NBR sprung buffers are supplied with the kit.

Needs wheels and a Coreless 1219 motor, paint and transfers to complete.


Available direct from 52F Models  Please send a cheque with your order made payable to "52F Models" and a contact number or email address.  In the event of a query this can save a lot of time.


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