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About Us

                                                      Company History


In the era of BR North Eastern Region steam, 52F was the British Railways shed code for both North and South Blyth  sheds. We feel that being based in Blyth and our business being producing etched kits improving kit built 4mm scale model steam outline locomotives that would have been seen on a daily basis in this area; What better name than 52F Models? 


52F Models was founded in January 2008 by Peter Stanger to produce a range of improved Locomotive and Tender chassis' in 4mm - 1ft scale eventually leading to producing full loco kits of NER, LNER and NBR designed locomotives. These loco kits and chassis' are designed and produced by an experienced builder who has addressed the problems associated with uncompensated, locomotive chassis' and produce guaranteed results at a reasonable cost to the 4mm-1ft scale modeller.


We produce a range of highly detailed 4mm scale loco kits designed with ease of assembly in mind that incorporate many novel features such as tank engines with fully detailed cabs and opening, folding cab doors where appropriate.  We cater for the needs of North Eastern and North British Railway modellers' offering accurate, well designed kits at a competitive price.


                                                         Our aim. 


Our aim is to produce a range of products to improve the performance and appearance of kit built model steam outline locomotives.  Our founder, Peter Stanger has spent all his working life in engineering and has used that knowledge and his love of North Eastern outline models to design and produce the Easi-Rider range of chassis.  A natural progression was to move from chassis design and production to producing complete 4mm loco kits that could be truly called scale models.  We now produce a range of LNER and NBR tank engines.  We aim is to add two new kits per year to our range


We believe wholeheartedly in the principals of "keep it simple", "continuous improvement" and "concurrent engineering".  What we learn from producing one chassis or kit is incorporated in the next.  Being  modellers' with many years of experience, we ensure that all our Kits and Easi-Rider range of chassis' are test built and proven before being offered for sale to the modeling public.


The Easi-Rider range of chassis' incorporates "the keep it simple" philosophy in the design and assembly processes ensuring the chassis can be produced with a minimum of fuss by any competent builder.


                                                 Innovative ideas. 


We have always embraced innovation and a unique feature of all Easi-Rider chassis' is our optimum drive mechanism arrangement that forms part of a compensation unit.  This ensures that the drive train always stays in perfect mesh and ensures smooth, effortless running.


Our G5 Mk3 chassis breaks new ground for 52F Models.  Not only are the bogie and driving wheels compensated but they are load bearing too.  This ensures that the "bunker heavy" tendency of this type of model is in no way detrimental to the model's performance.

Our new G9 chassis takes what we've learned from producing the G5 chassis to a new level.  Not only is the chassis still load bearing but all 8-wheels are individually compensated.  Thanks to a new design of horn block and removable loco springs, the wheels, horn blocks. and gearbox can be assembled as a unit and assembled to the chassis from underneath. 


                                    Our mission.

To keep improving existing kits while adding to our range at regular intervals.

We welcome visitors to this website contacting us with constructive suggestions about our products.  We also welcome your ideas for future products that you'd like to see.  Even obscure North Eastern Loco kits are not out of the question but I feel it's only fair to tell you that "one off's" will be expensive. 


                                 Our Promise.

Unlike some suppliers of etched kits, no kit will be offered for sale unless a production version has been built, thoroughly tested and deemed to be acceptable for sale by us. 


52F Models and Easi-Rider Chassis are trade names used by Peter Stanger.

All images, graphics and intellectual property displayed on this site are the property of Peter Stanger unless otherwise specifically credited.  Copying of any content appearing on this website is strictly prohibited unless written permission has been given by the author.

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