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 Reid Goods 1906, LNER Class J35 Loco kit.  updated 13/02/2024)


This kit is now available in EM/P4 only.  If there's enough interest from OO modeller's well produce  oo chassis for this kit.  The price for the kit has been firmed up and will cost £160.00.


Customers please note.  We don't as a rule ask customers for deposits uless the work was a commision in which case stage payments will be requested.  Our preferred method is a BACS transfer payment. We won't ask for payment until your order is ready for dispatch.


The loco can be built either as a Saturated, Slide valve engine.  A saturated piston valve engine, a super heated slide valve engine or a super heated piston valve engine.  This has necessitated 2 sets of frames and 2 sets of footplate furniture. This to accommodate 5'-3" and 5'-41/2" front overhang frames. The only engines that can't be built from this kit are the two originals that had a 4" longer cab and those engines that had frames with a 5'-9" front overhang.

Chassis Features

The chassis for both loco and tender are etched in 0.38mm thick nickel silver material.


Each chassis is load bearing and has individual compensation on all wheels making 12-wheel compensation.

Each chassis features "Fold in " horn cheeks and we make our own custom horn blocks to suit each chassis.

Eight individual compensation beams control the ride height ensuring that all 12 wheels are in contact with the track.

Custom 46:1 ratio gearbox supplied as part of the kit providing the optimum drive solution.

Provision has been made for the use of Gibson Plunger Pickups on the loco chassis.  (Not supplied with the kit).

Prototypical coupling rods with prototypical joint.

Two loco chassis, one with 5'-41/2" front overhang and the other with 5'-3"front overhang.  This has necessitated producing two footplates and two sets of valences,  one for each chassis.

Comprehensive Instructions ad the 3D generated diagrams are a true record of how we actually assembled the kit.

Loco body.

The Loco body parts are etched in 0.38mm nickel silver.

Preformed parts include a rolled and lap jointed boiler,  preformed  smokebox, preformed cab roof and preformed boiler soldering clamp.


3D printed parts such as chimney, two domes and the boiler back head are used to give the loco body extra accuracy.


The assembly instructions are very comprehensive and are a true record of how we assembled the kit, arguably the most important part of any kit.


  Holmes 3,500g Tender

Using Concurrent Engineering principles we were able to design and have produced a 3D printed Tender tank for the Holmes 3,500g tender.  The results have been impressive  and commented favourably on by all who've seen the parts.  The finish on the component being good enough to accept paint without any remedial work by the customer. 


From the footplate down will be etched nickel silver parts.  Using the 3D Printed masters to have castings made has not proven successful. Instead we have had overlays of the springs and axle boxes 3D printed and these are glued in place over the nickel silver side frames making this part very robust   We have 3D printed the coal rails as an integral part of the tender body. 



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