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 Reid Goods 1906, LNER Class J35 Loco kit. (Page under construction) updated 28/08/2023)


Latest news on the progress of this kit.  After months of work on the Holmes 3,500g Tender, we are confident that the tender problems associated with assembly have been solved.  The loco is in the final stages of modelling to prove the design of the parts.  We should have both sets of new films by next week and after checking for errors these can go to the company that does the etches for us.


This kit will be available in  EM/P4 initially.   The kit is priced at £TBA but will probably be in the region of £160.00  Please add £8.95 for Royal Mail Special Delivery, UK Mainland only.  Overseas carriage will be charged at cost.  

If you'd like a modified Gibson wheel set with your kit, please add an additional £57.80

Coreless 1219  motors can now be supplied by us at an additional price of £27.50 each.   Both items are carriage free if ordered with a loco kit. 


You can order by telephone by calling us on 01670 362451, by email from the "Contact Us page on the website or by letter at 52F Models 48 Cypress Gardens, Blyth. Northumberland. NE24 2NF.  If ordering by post it is essential that you include a telephone number so that in the event of a problem with your order we can contact you.

Customers please note.  We don't cash Customer's cheques or request a BACS transfer payment until your order is ready for dispatch.

Progress report.  The artwork for the loco and tender is complete and 3D modelling of the parts is progressing favourably.  Using Concurrent Engineering principles we were able to design and have produced a 3D printed Tender tank for the Holmes 3,500g tender.  The results have been impressive.  The finish on the component being good enough to accept paint without any remedial work by the customer.  From the footplate down will be etched nickel silver parts.  Using the 3D Printed masters to have castings made has not proven successful.    We are still looking at the possibility of printing the coal rails as an integral part of the render body.  A problem that springs to mind is that this feature will be prone to damage from careless handling or accidental damage so it may end up with etched coal rails

The design work on the loco body and chassis has been finalized and we are happy with the design.  Once again we have opted for twelve wheel compensation and load bearing on all wheels. The only change to previous designs is how we have achieved these features.

The loco will be able to be built either as a Saturated, Slide valve engine.  A saturated piston valve engine, a super heated slide valve engine or a super heated piston valve engine.  This has necessitated 2 sets of frames and 2 sets of footplate furniture. This to accommodate 5'-3" and 5'-41/2" front overhang frames. The only engines that can't be built from this kit are the two originals that had a 4" longer cab.

The frames will be load bearing and have individual compensation on all wheels making 12-wheel compensation.

Watch this space for further updates.



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